Circular Knives

Our circular knife range covers a wide variety of industries, including:- Tobacco, Packaging, Poultry, Carpet, Tissue, Paper, Rubber and the Printed Circuit Board industries....View Product Information

Granulator Knives

Our range of Granulator Blades for the Plastic Recycling industry has proven very hard wearing and competitively priced...View Product Information

Poultry Knives

Our range of Poultry Processing blades covers all of the main machines used in the industry, including Stork, Meyn, Systemate, Linco, KFC and Biro....View Product Information

Razor Blade Knives

We offer a range of Stanley type fitment blades, including those used in the Poultry Processing Industry. We also offer a complete range of Slitters, Single and Double edge blades and Steel Spined razor blades, used in the Paper and Packaging industries....View Product Information

Sheeter Knives

As part of our growing product range, we now offer a complete range of: •Paper Cutting Knives • Knives for 3-Knife trimmers • Sheeter Knives for Paper, Card and Corrugated Card • Knives for packaging equipment...View Product Information

Straight Knives

Our range of Straight Knives varies from 5mm long packaging knives to 1½ meter long Guillotine Blades. Which vary from Single Bevel, Plain Edge to Zigzag edged packaging knives and anvils....View Product Information

Toothed Knives

We supply a complete range of straight toothed blades for packaging machines, many of which we hold in stock. These include blades for Vegatronic, Sandiacre, many Heat Seal machines, automatic bagging machines and packaging machines used in the meat and Poultry processing / packaging industry....View Product Information

Tray Form Knives

All of our tray form knives where possible are manufactured from high grade Stainless Steel toothed strip. Compared to the low wear resistance carbon steel used by many of the OEM's and our competitors. ...View Product Information

Top/Bottom Knives

We can offer several different types of Dished Top Knives, our 2 best selling types of blade, a Plain Bore and Bayonet Bore knife. ...View Product Information

Tissue Knives

We supply a wide variety of blades to the Tissue industry, including Log Saw Blades, Creaser Blades, Perforation Wheels, and Crush Cutters....View Product Information

Zig-zag Knives

We can offer a complete range of ZigZag or Wavy edge type sealer knives, complete with Anvils for all popular fitments, for use in the food / confectionery packaging industry....View Product Information

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