Top/Bottom Knives

Top Dished Knives and Bottom Knives

We have always supplied Dished Knives as part of our range of blades for Vacuum packaging machines used in the Poultry Industry.

We now however supply this product to many different types of industries. As well as a complete range of knives we can also supply Holders, Rails and all the other parts necessary for a complete cutting assembly, for cutting most types of flexible materials.

We can offer several different types of Dished Top Knives, the drawing (Right) shows our 2 best selling types of blade, a Plain Bore and Bayonet Bore knife.

These can be supplied with either a Single angled cutting Edge (Single Bevel) or a Double Bevel edge. These are available in sizes from 75mm ø up to 180mm ø from stock. Or can be made to order.

We can supply dished knives in either a standard '01' Toolsteel or a harder wearing D2 HC/HC Toolsteel material. We have found that replacing standard blades with harder wearing blades offers less downtime and a significant overall saving.

A new product to our range is Solid Carbide Dished knives and Bottom Knives. Which have been tested to last some 50+ times longer than a standard blade. These offer a massive saving in downtime. Prices however aren't for the faint hearted and are considerably higher than Toolsteel blades.

Please enquire with your exact requirements and we will be pleased to offer a price

To compliment our range of Top Dished Knives we also supply a range of Bottom Knives, again ranging from Standard Material to Solid Carbide material offering the ultimate in wear resistance. These can be supplied from stock or manufactured to order, depending on the popularity of the blade required.

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